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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and its characteristics.

Individuals experiencing ADHD may display patterns of inattention, impulsivity, and overactive behaviour that may interfere with daily functioning. For students, these patterns may be the root of their misbehaviour leading to serious academic problems.

Typical characteristics relating to  ADD/ADHD that may interfere with learning are:

1. Inattention/deficits in concentration:

  • Difficulty tuning in class; may fantasize, space out and miss lecture content and homework assignments;
  • Lack of attention to detail: makes “careless mistakes” in work; doesn’t notice errors in grammar, punctuations, capitalization, spellings, or changes in signs (+,-,x) or exponents in math;
  • Difficulty staying on at task or at school work; distractible: moves from one uncompleted task to another; when distracted have difficulty refocusing on work;
  • Lack of awareness of grades; may not know if passing or failing a class.

2. Impulsivity:

  • Rushes through work: doesn’t read directions;
  • Takes shortcuts in written work (such as doing math in his head);
  • May not read the whole question before giving a solution;
  • Does not double check work (a greater problem with children having ADHD);
  • Difficulty delaying gratification: gives up working for rewards working in too distant future.

3. Hyperactivity:

  • Often experiences issues playing or taking part in relaxation exercises unobtrusively;
  • Often runs about or climbs unreasonably in circumstances where it is inappropriate;
  • Often talks excessively;
  • Regularly squirms with hands or feet or wriggles in their seat.

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