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We all are unique and individual. Inclusion of everyone is essential for sustainable development growth. For covering 360 degrees of our life we need to consider both seen and unseen. It is our birthright to get education. From the very beginning UN is promoting the idea, ‘Leave No One Behind ‘. But we are to go a long way till date. Those who need Special Education are leaving behind knowingly or unknowingly. Time has come to invest maximum possible efforts for inclusion of every child. FPG, a Research Centre for Inclusive Education, is working on ‘Quality Education for All’; SDG-2030, Goal – 04.

To extend the scope of Special Education and for achieving SDG-2030, Goal- 04 General Schools are to include Children having Special Education requirements through practicing Inclusive Education in their respective schools. FPG is continuously collaborating and working with different organizations for promoting Inclusive Education Concept and transforming general school(s) into Inclusive school(s) through Research, Training, Guidance and Counseling. 

Our Vision:

Active participation based on all the goods within the scope of our abilities to transform our society into Inclusive Society for having sustainability through introducing Inclusive Education in General Schools. “ Let’s Build an Inclusive Society.”

Our Mission

Successful Implementation of ‘SDG Goal- 04; Quality Education for All’ by ensuring proper partnership with all the stakeholders.

Our Works:

GEIST International Foundation:

Awareness creation workshop on “Ensuring successful Inclusion and Quality Education for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” at BIAM School & College, Dhaka with GEIST International Foundation

পদক্ষেপ মানবিক উন্নয়ন কেন্দ্র:

Training on “Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Enhancing Service Quality & Capacity” at পদক্ষেপ মানবিক উন্নয়ন কেন্দ্র, মোহাম্মদপুর ঢাকা
with Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM)


Training on “Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Bangladesh: Special Education, Inclusive Education at different Upazilla(s) RNDS, Mohammadpur, Dhaka

Partnerships & Collaborations:

GEIST International Foundation

পদক্ষেপ মানবিক উন্নয়ন কেন্দ্র:


Revamping Organizational Operation and Structure at ITHM, Dhaka

Academic & Behavioural Challenges Workshops

Fpgbd conducts practical, interactive and structured workshops for professionals and parents who are caring for children facing challenges. Learn from the experts through over 100+ topics based on specific learning paths specially designed for you.

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